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RJThe passion ignited many many moons ago when RJ who today we recognize as Rob,  barely able to reach a good handful of food from an average dining table, took it upon himself to ink his cousin Tommy. The ass whipping endured by little RJ was certainly worth it and that ink that was slung that day continues to inspire us today.

In 1994 RJ finally solidified his decision to never hold down a real job and fully submerged himself in the tattooing industry. His creativity flourished as he  left his mark expressed through ink  on the skin of his faithful friends and family. The more ink RJ slung the more colorful the world became. Finally some unofficial date in the 90’s RJ pushed the envelope hard and became proud owner of his first tattoo studio formerly Tattoos 2 You on More Road in Columbus Ohio. The shop relocated in the late nineties, not physically and continues today under the new image of Tattoo Cartel.

The saga continues and today that same creativity is expressed in tattoos, his own patterns and some super cool clothes. Hip Hip Hooray… for RJ!!

Tattoo Studios in Columbus Ohio, local tattoo studio, affordable tattoos, professional tattoo artist.

Tattoo Studios in Columbus Ohio

Tattoo Cartel located in Columbus Ohio has been sinking ink for over twenty years. Every tattoo is created from a true passion for the art of tattooing. Tattoos are unique especially as unique as their artist. Rob always strives to continue to educate himself in the art of tattooing. Every time I am around, if he isn’t adding a tattoo collector to his list of satisfied tattoo art collectors, he’s watching a video or talking the tattoo lingo. Learning, becoming better, that’s what I have seen from this artist. If you want the very best tattoo possible, visit Tattoo cartel, you won’t go wrong.

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